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Do you engage with conflict effectively in your business, church or higher education organization? Need some help developing and maintaining a better system? We are experts at helping our clients take their conflict resolution skills to the next level. We  look forward to helping you transform your approach to conflict.


We have worked with clients such as Cornell Cooperative Extension, Ithaca College, Suny-Broome Community College as well as local professional organizations and associations on workshops, seminars and presentations. Would you like us to do the same for your organization?


We believe in the value of peace. We also believe in entrepreneurship, the power of social media and developing a conflict  consulting business that ROCKS!  We  explore new ways to leverage social media through consulting around commnicating with social media for success

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Our goal at Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT) is to provide ethical conflict engagement skills training, based in Christian principles, designed to bring peace to your business, church, higher education organization or you as an individual.


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“We love collaborating with Southern Tier vendors and artists!


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Jesan Sorrells, MA, Human Services Consulting and Training (HSCT)


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